I had the best start to my publishing career. I spent four years as an account manager at CDS Global, then called Tower Publishing Services. I have spent many hours talking to subscribers on the telephone, answering their letters and emails. I have seen many examples of subscription marketing creative and I know what kind of responses they get for each sector.

If you are considering moving your business from one bureau to another or from in-house to outsourced, I can provide a full evaluation of your current processes, the new bureau services and make comparisons of efficiencies, costs and service levels.

If you are thinking of putting this part of your business out to tender, I can write the tender document and specify all the various components for you to make an easy comparison on services as well as price.

Fulfilment bureau services – changing bureau
Several times, we have moved subscribers from one bureau to another and have had to familiarise ourselves with new reports and methods of holding data and ensuring that the correct interpretation is made when bedding into the new bureau or system. Moving bureau is disruptive to your business but with careful planning and experience of what to expect and what to look out for, this can be minimised.